The IWC Merchant Awards

The IWC Merchant Awards were originally launched in the UK, to run alongside the IWC awards and celebrate the most successful UK wine retailers and agents who deliver outstanding service to wine consumers.

In order to recognise the achievements of merchants around the world, the IWC is launching a series of awards, leading with the IWC Merchant Awards New Zealand. Based on the same ethos of rewarding those who excel in their service to wine consumers across the country, the NZ awards categories will be comparable to the UK categories.

In the same way that the IWC UK Merchant Awards are open to UK based businesses only, the IWC Merchant Awards New Zealand will be open for entries from companies based in New Zealand only.

If you are interested in entering or viewing the results from your local IWC Merchant Awards, please click on the flag that represents your country of origin above.

If you are based outside of the UK and New Zealand, watch this space for more IWC Merchant Awards series, to be launched in the future.