Convenience Store Chain of the Year

This award is open to all national convenience stores chains that own multiple retail outlets.

For the purpose of this category, convenience stores are qualified as small ‘local’ stores that are part of a national or regional chain of stores, whose main activity is convenience grocery. There must be a minimum of 30 stores nationally (these can also include petrol stations, motorway services and multiple differently sized sites). Each store must have at least 80% of their wine range/allocation managed centrally (head office). The wine range(s) must have a minimum of 30 SKU’s  and no more than 150 SKU’s. Each separate grade of store must have a different planogram for each.

Entry cost: £160 + VAT

How to enter

  1. Download the entry notes for the Generic Questions and the Convenience Store Chain of the Year questions
  2. Enter online
  3. Complete the generic questions
  4. Select all of the award categories you wish to enter and complete the questions
  5. Upload your supporting material (use the checklist tab that you will see when you login to your account)
  6. Pay and submit to complete your entry